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APEX Experience: Latest Issue

Settle into the April/May issue of APEX Experience magazine and learn about the seats and services that shape comfort for air travelers. For some it’s about aisle access, for others it’s family-first boarding. The definitions of “just right” are different for… Read more


7.1 February/March Issue

The February/March issue of APEX Experience explores the network of possibilities, and potential pitfalls, that in-flight connectivity presents. Browse through to learn how airlines are thinking like startups while arming themselves against the threat of cyberattacks. Click here to subscribe to… Read more


6.5 December/January Issue

Holidays can be a stressful time for travel. Baggage piles up, schedules get tangled in flight delays and tempers can run high – it’s an industry-wide effort to keep things running smoothly. Luckily, new ideas to remedy baggage woes, cater… Read more

6.4 October/November Issue

The Asia-Pacific region is quickly becoming the new center of gravity for the air travel industry. In a race to capture the region’s customers, airlines worldwide are investing in personalizing, enhancing and unifying the end-to-end passenger experience. Stay atop these trends at APEX… Read more

6.3 June/July Issue

This issue, colored LEDs, YouTube and TV box sets entertain us en route to summer destinations. At the airport, beacons beckon and GPS ensures luggage doesn’t get lost. Opting for a staycation? Travel vicariously to Italy to taste United’s new and improved coffee,… Read more

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6.2 March/April Issue

While you’re running the industry event circuit, we anticipate trends inside the cabin, from tablet mounts to dreamy lighting. We also tour Recaro’s Schwäbisch Hall factory and contemplate some refreshing class concepts that are springing up. Also, don’t forget to… Read more

6.1 Cover

6.1 January/February Issue

Personalization is crucial to our industry. It influences cabin design and the curation of in-flight entertainment. Entire airlines are dedicated to our travel preferences, be they adventurous or religious. Looking through this lens, it’s clear the passenger experience would be… Read more

APEX The Innovation Issue

5.6 The Innovation Issue

Few sectors push innovation forward with the force of the aerospace industry. Whether it’s the science behind brewing a perfect cup of coffee in flight or developing more eco-friendly technology for taxiing aircraft, there’s no aspect of the passenger experience… Read more


5.5 The Design Issue

Design can refer to both the look and feel of something, but most importantly, design is about how something works. In this issue we delve beyond appearances and examine the motives behind the designs of airline posters, airport terminals, graphical… Read more

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5.4 The Entertainment Issue

Any mention of entertainment in this industry brings to mind movie licensing, closed captioning and content security. But this issue also looks beyond seatbacks and tablets to the numerous details that are purposely used to intrigue passengers, making the travel… Read more