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The 6.3 June/July Issue of APEX Experience is now available! Access the full issue online.

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APEX Experience: Latest Issue

In this issue, colored LEDs, YouTube and TV box sets entertain us en route to summer destinations. At the airport, beacons beckon and GPS ensures luggage doesn’t get lost. Opting for a staycation? Travel vicariously to Italy to taste United’s… Read more


Airlines Tap into Tech for Real-time Passenger Feedback

APEX Insight: Airlines and airports are tapping into tech, through personal electronic devices, screens installed in airports or onboard in-flight entertainment, to gather feedback and keep passengers smiling.   In April of this year, Ryanair introduced a Rate My Flight feature to its… Read more


Airline Passenger Complaints: Rise of the Mediator

APEX Insight: As the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority delegates conflict resolution responsibilities to third-party groups, meaning some passengers may have to pay to complain, companies like AirHelp recoup payouts on behalf of travelers who don’t have the time or the energy to wade through… Read more

Sea to Sky: Airlines Serve Ocean Fare In the Air

APEX Insight: Airlines are creating innovative opportunities to showcase seafood on their in-flight menus. From personal tins of Calvisius caviar in international first class on Singapore, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific to lobster macaroni and cheese on United’s new Polaris business class product, there now… Read more

Low-Cost Carriers Bundle Up to Tap the Full-Service Market

APEX Insight: Budget carriers are beginning to broaden their reach with packages that deliver a full-service experience, and flag carriers have long tried to match the success of their low-cost competitors with the introduction of lower-than-economy fares. When will their efforts… Read more