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SIA Bets on Premium Economy After All

  Singapore Airlines, which for years has withheld jumping on the premium economy bandwagon, revealed its long-awaited take on the middle class seating at a press conference last week. The airline first dabbled in its own brand of premium economy, dubbed “executive economy” on non-stop routes from Singapore-Los… Read more

Permanent Residents

Most of us think of the airport as a temporary rest spot on the way to our destination. But for many, the airport is the destination; in fact, it’s home. Steven Spielberg’s 2004 film The Terminal features Tom Hanks playing… Read more


Hacking the Sky

This article originally appeared in The Technology Issue of APEX Experience. Speaking on an International Conference on Consumer Electronics panel previewing tech trends of the next five years, Dr. Scott Linfoot, senior research systems engineer for MASS Consultants Ltd., pegged… Read more