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A Guide for the 2015 APEX Awards

As the APEX Association gears up for its annual award season – with the finalists for the Passenger Choice Awards recently announced, and the second stage of the voting process already underway – we highlight some of the unique APEX Awards… Read more


Airports Go Quiet for Korean College Entrance Exam

APEX Insight: University entrance exams in Korea are taken so seriously that flights are diverted to prevent airplane noise from breaking the students’ concentration. Have you ever taken a test so important, so intense, that even the noise of an airplane flying overhead could wreck… Read more

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A Different Kind of Happy Meal

APEX Insight: Gatwick Airport partners with nutritionist Jo Travers to create serotonin- and dopamine-packed “Happy Meals” to boost travelers’ moods – a clever marketing initiative with passenger well-being in mind. Navigating today’s airports can be a highly stressful experience, but London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) is… Read more