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The 6.2 March/April Issue of APEX Experience is now available! Access the full issue online.
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APEX Experience: Latest Issue

In this issue, colored LEDs, YouTube and TV box sets entertain us en route to summer destinations. At the airport, beacons beckon and GPS ensures luggage doesn’t get lost. Opting for a staycation? Travel vicariously to Italy to taste United’s… Read more

Infographic: How Far Can You Fly on a TV Series?

APEX Insight: With newer, fuel-efficent aircraft designed to fly longer distances nonstop, the opportunity to run a guilt-free marathon of all the great TV content available has become more likely. Using one of the world’s longest flights as a point of reference, EK448… Read more

First Film to Fly

APEX Insight: Just Google “first in-flight movie” and you’ll see that even the behemoth search engine is perplexed, or perhaps apprehensive of the flak attack that may come from any one answer. There’s a stirring debate in the AvGeek community… Read more

Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Airline Food

APEX Insight: When it comes to airline food, so much remains a mystery to the average passenger. How is airline food made? Who decides the menu? And, most importantly, why does airline food taste so bland? APEX Media toured LSG Sky Chefs’ Frankfurt facility to identify and answer the… Read more

APEX in Profile: Blake Emery

Blake Emery Director, Differentiation Strategy, Commercial Airplanes The Boeing Company Blake directs differentiation strategy for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. His goal is for stakeholders to prefer Boeing aircraft. He leads research with the flying public on both exterior and interior design,… Read more


YouTube Sensations: Most Viewed Airline Video Campaigns

APEX Insight: By investing in video marketing strategies, airlines can tap into the high traffic on YouTube to cost effectively garner a huge international following, attract prospective customers and build a distinct brand identity. TV commercials, radio spots, billboard advertisements… Read more