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The 7.2  April/May Issue of APEX Experience is now available! Access the full issue online.

APEX Experience: Latest Issue

Settle into the April/May issue of APEX Experience magazine and learn about the seats and services that shape comfort for air travelers. For some it’s about aisle access, for others it’s family-first boarding. The definitions of “just right” are different for… Read more

Home Away From Home: Trends in Airplane Cabin Design

APEX Insight: When passengers climb aboard, airlines hope the textile choices remind them of home. Think of the airplane cabin as a home away from home. That’s the effect airlines are trying to create with fabric and other furnishings, according… Read more

APEX Media Spotlight: Electronics Ban

APEX Insight: APEX Media Spotlight gathers different perspectives on a passenger experience announcement, product launch or issue from top industry sources. In this installment, we highlight the media’s reactions to the Trump administration’s carry-on electronics ban. The United States’ cabin… Read more

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Leather’s Double Duty: In-Flight Luxury (And Utility)

APEX Insight: On the one side, leather is luxurious. On the other, it’s utilitarian. Many airlines see cowhide as the natural choice of material in first-class and premium seating. But despite being synonymous with high-living, leather is also an economical and… Read more