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The 6.3 June/July Issue of APEX Experience is now available! Access the full issue online.

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APEX Experience: Latest Issue

In this issue, colored LEDs, YouTube and TV box sets entertain us en route to summer destinations. At the airport, beacons beckon and GPS ensures luggage doesn’t get lost. Opting for a staycation? Travel vicariously to Italy to taste United’s… Read more


Transgender Rights and the Airline Passenger Experience

APEX Insight: Although transgender rights are having an unprecedented moment of visibility in the media, legislature that protects these rights is still catching up. While the TSA has stopped using the word “anomaly” to describe transgender travelers and two major American… Read more

Customized IFE Destination Guides Arrive on Eurowings

APEX Insight: PXCom has partnered with ArrivalGuides to offer customized destination content across Eurowings’ BYOD IFE system. The multimedia experience allows passengers to research hundreds of destinations, while airlines and IFE providers gain deeper insight into the needs and wants of travelers. On… Read more

APEX in the Spotlight at Upcoming Global Travel Events

In addition to hosting tradeshows, APEX representatives have been busy on the event circuit – not only attending industry-related conventions, but also partnering with organizers and appearing on hot-topic panels. These initiatives keep the airline passenger experience at the forefront… Read more