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A Different Kind of Happy Meal

APEX Insight: Gatwick Airport partners with nutritionist Jo Travers to create serotonin- and dopamine-packed “Happy Meals” to boost travelers’ moods – a clever marketing initiative with passenger well-being in mind. Navigating today’s airports can be a highly stressful experience, but London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) is… Read more

Narita T3: Breaking the Airport Terminal Mold

In Japan, construction of large-scale public projects follow a “design-bid-build”  process in which various contractors are invited to bid on the project in question and pitch how they would meet the project’s architectural and cost requirements. In 2012, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) officials announced that a new terminal,… Read more

Image courtesy of Boeing

Digital Dreamliners

  APEX insight: With prospective customers scattered across the globe, Boeing has found that providing high-quality web access to their aircraft can be both an effective marketing and sales tool.  Earlier this year at the Paris Air Show, Boeing test pilots put… Read more

A High-Flying Legacy of Design

Tucked away within the luxurious folds of Airline Visual Identity: 1945-1975 are nuggets of information, anecdotes and factoids that chronicle the feats and failures in airline design over the years. Here are a few of our favorites: Howard Hughes’ Golden… Read more


The Case For and Against Reclining Airline Seats

APEX Insight: To recline, or not to recline – that is the question. The verdict? It’s still out. The arguments for and against reclining an airline seat fling back and forth like a fidgety child toying with the recline button. We look… Read more