#CryingPlane Trivia: Celebrities Who Tear Up During In-Flight Flicks

During APEX MultiMedia Market in Amsterdam, @theAPEXassoc ran a #CryingPlane Twitter Trivia campaign, tweeting questions about celebrities who have confessed to crying while watching a movie in flight. The quiz was inspired by Jenn Wint’s “The Crying Plane,” which originally appeared in “The Journey Issue” of the APEX Experience magazine. Congratulations to Phil Birnbaum, the ultimate #CryingPlane movie buff who answered four out of eight questions […]

The Top 10 List of Lists: 2014 Edition

As the APEX Media team was brainstorming content for our 2014 top ten lists, our publisher Al St. Germain suggested the best idea we’ve heard all year: “What about a top 10 list of lists?” Brilliant! And so, here it is, our favorite APEX media “listicles” from 2014. 15 Experiences Only EXPO Attendees Will Understand  This one is […]

In The Digital Era, Customers Reign King

The advancements in technology and communications are rapidly changing the airline industry as a whole.  From a marketer’s perspective, there are certainly advantages to these changes as big data is being used to personalize the passenger experience and increase conversion. But the real winners here are the customers. Jenn Wint, social media & communications contributor […]

EXPO Social: Day Two and Three Recap

Day two and three of the EXPO were a whirlwind. Our vendors and airlines hit the floor to exhibit and explore the latest in airline passenger experience. Participants were treated to a culinary competition from IFSA, a free outdoor concert and had access to copious amounts of spirits and cheese! Vendors we’re excited to finally showcase their […]

EXPO Social: Day One Recap

We kicked off APEX/IFSA EXPO with a meet and greet at the Hilton Anaheim. The food and folks were delightful! Let's get this party started! Welcome reception at the Hilton is on. Come join us! #APEXEXPO pic.twitter.com/Yvb2RDRPsB — APEX (@theAPEXassoc) September 15, 2014 The excitement began early Monday morning with participants flying in from around […]