Below please find some suggested social posts to help promote the Official Airline Ratings, by encouraging passengers to download the TripIt app to rate their flights. We appreciate that each member company has their own social voice, however we hope you will use these as a guide as you craft your unique and branded posts.

When considering images for your, please consider using art from the various collateral elements APEX and TripIt have created. Not only can the consistency of the images prove impactful, each image can be customized for your social promotion by emailing

If you have any questions regarding the ads or the Official Airline Ratings please email or call +1 212 297 2177.


Recommended Social Posts
Note: Please use for the link in your social posts

-Recently booked a [Insert Airline] flight? Rate your flight using the @TripIt app and share in-flight experience!
-Shape your future in-flight experience! Download @TripIt to rate your upcoming [Insert Airline] flights.
-Help improving your future flight experience. Download @TripIt to rate your next [Insert Airline] flight!
-Super-fast Wi-Fi? Insanely comfy seats? Let us know what you think by rating your next flight with the @TripIt app!
-Recently booked a flight? Download @TripIt to organize your travel plans & share feedback on your experience!
-All your travel plans in one place, now, with the ability to rate your flights! Download @TripIt, today!



Brand Guidelines
Click here for TripIt brand guidelines.
Click here for the APEX brand guidelines