Burrana puts an end to passenger “battery anxiety” with APEX award-nominated RISE Power solution


RISE Power by Burrana looks to deliver faster, lighter device charging, intelligent power sharing and more to airlines and passengers alike 

While in-seat power might not be the the first thing you think of when talking about inflight entertainment innovations, David Pook, Burrana’s VP Marketing and Sales Support, says that keeping passengers powered up and connected has never been more important. 

David Pook, Burrana

“No matter the demographic or which airline they are flying, power is more important to flyers than ever right now,” Pook told APEX Media.

Noting that in-seat power has also become a hygiene factor for many post-pandemic era passengers, Pook adds that power is no longer a “surprise and delight” to see onboard, but a necessity — not just for passengers, but airlines as well. 

“In-seat power has become a critical inclusion in the cabin for both passengers and airlines to enable a fully-personalized and frictionless experience across the entire customer journey,” added Pook. “Without power, no benefit is derived from airline digital transformation investments, including in-cabin service, wireless entertainment, IFC, destination experiences, etc. That experience diminishes with each bar of the passenger’s mobile phone, laptop, or tablet battery. RISE Power is built to solve all these use case scenarios to enhance passenger experiences and meet airlines’ business goals.”

A finalist for a Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation Award at Wednesday’s APEX Awards, RISE Power consists of a small, lightweight seat kit housing USB jacks and/or 110V outlets (and seat power boxes as small as an iPhone) to provide airlines the flexibility to install the kit in multiple locations – the seat spar, seat pan, seatback, below the seat or even in-arm – and is easily tailored to fit specific airline configurations. RISE Power also allows airlines the flexibility to mix and match USB 15W/60W and 110VAC across seat zones and classes with numerous single, double, or combo port configurations.

RISE Power’s highly-efficient architecture and multiple levels of redundancy also bring passenger facing failures to almost zero. Additionally, features such as smart load balancing and intelligent power sharing ensure that all devices receive equitable charging through greater utilization and efficiency of available power in the cabin. RISE Power is also the only available solution that delivers powerful 15W charging (3 amps) via USB-A, offering passengers 50% faster charging times than Burrana’s competitors. 

Pook was also quick to point out that RISE Power offers a streamlined upgrade path to 60W USB-C charging for laptops within the same system, simply by swapping out the jacks. Built into the architecture is the collection of usage and maintenance data by seat to assist airlines in operating the system at peak performance, as well as gaining valuable insights into passenger behavior and a better understanding of power demand as PED devices evolve. The ability to centrally control each port also unlocks revenue opportunities for airlines who may want to monetize the system.

“Leveraging design thinking and technological innovation, we strive every day at Burrana to find new and unique ways to elevate the passenger experience, enhance revenue, minimize expenditure, and optimize efficiencies so airlines can reinvest those savings back into benefitting their guests, and increase customer loyalty,” explained Pook. 

“It is an honor for RISE Power to be nominated as a finalist in the APEX Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation category … a category that celebrates innovation towards elevating the passenger experience, which is a value core to our purpose at Burrana.”