IdeaNova Technologies’ ICP Function Eases Passengers’ Connection to Streaming IFE


Image via IdeaNova Technologies

IdeaNova Technologies has officially introduced a new feature to its portfolio of Inplay-branded in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions after debuting it at APEX EXPO in Long Beach, California during December 2021. 

Known as the Inplay Captive Portal (ICP), IdeaNova Technologies’ new IFE feature allows passengers to connect to an airline’s IFE platform in as little as one click. Primarily designed for use together with personal electronic devices, it is available on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and iPad operating systems.

The aim is to simplify the traditional manual process, which will still be required for passengers using older Android devices and involves opening an airline’s IFE portal via their browser.

ICP is modularly built, making it easy for airlines or IFE vendors to introduce it as part of their existing IFE platforms. “ICP easily integrates with IFE systems and can be utilized in a disconnected autonomous mode,” explained IdeaNova Technologies’ CEO, Juraj Siska. It can be used as part of embedded IFE systems if necessary.

It is customizable to allow for the insertion of an airlines’ desired messaging in their preferred language, and also allows carriers to deliver passengers to a desired location within their IFE portals upon connection.

“Development of a captive portal has been historically difficult for autonomous systems that are still prevalent in the aviation industry, due to a lack of Internet connectivity. This … is what makes ICP stand out,” added IdeaNova Technologies’ CTO, Janne Pelkonen. 

Other IFE offerings from IdeaNova Technologies include WeWatch, which allows passengers to enjoy a movie or TV show together in-flight, even if they’re not seated next to each other; and a complementary video chat option that allows passengers to keep in touch with each other and crew.