IdeaNova Technologies Launches WeWatch Inplay Function


Image via IdeaNova Technologies

During the pandemic, friends and family that couldn’t meet in person took to streaming content together from different locations to feel closer to one another, enabled by solutions such as Teleparty (previously Netflix Party). A new feature from IdeaNova Technologies brings that same capability to the skies.

IdeaNova Technologies has introduced a new feature to its Inplay in-flight entertainment (IFE) portal that allows passengers to enjoy a movie or TV show together during their flight, even if they’re not seated next to each other.

Mack Sinnott, account manager at IdeaNova Technologies, explained that the function, known as WeWatch, allows passengers to “communicate via text chat, video chat or hold a web conference meeting with multiple people, all while the film is playing. It is a seamless transition between each chat function, so it just depends on which they prefer.”

“WeWatch is an exciting compliment to InPlay Chat, InPlay Video Chat, and our web meeting Intouch that allows people to feel closer together even when seated apart,” elaborated Janne Pelkonen, IdeaNova Technologies’ CTO. “It fits seamlessly into our mission of enhancing the user experience through technical innovation.”

In terms of how it works, Sinnott said, “The movie syncs with the passengers when the other parties accept the invite to watch the movie. Passengers can pause and resume at their convenience, which will also pause and resume the other parties’ screens accordingly.”

Sinnott added that WeWatch is also available to non-Inplay customers: “The complexity will depend on each use case, but we’d be happy to collaborate with any interested party to provide them with the integration path.”

IdeaNova Technologies is still in discussions regarding a launch customer for the product and will make a follow-up announcement in due course.