[VIDEO] Futurist Envisions How Aviation Will Evolve Over the Next 50 Years


[VIDEO] Aviation 2020-2070 with Futurist Matthew Griffin image
Image: Stephanie Taylor

In this episode of APEX Insider, founder of the 311 Institute and self-proclaimed “fanatical futurist” Matthew Griffin takes APEX Media director Maryann Simson on a journey into the far-future of aviation. He makes no bones about it, admitting “The future is weird.”

So, what will aviation look like between 2020 and 2070? Futurist Matthew Griffin says biometrics will go far beyond the iris scanners and facial recognition technology passengers are used to today. Instead, he claims artificial intelligence will be able to “determine criminal intent,” and Wi-Fi will be able “to detect whether or not people are ill.”

Griffin predicts cabin interiors will also become increasingly intelligent, with 3-D printed dyes that allow cabin colors and designs to change with the flick of a light switch.

Finally, new technology will change the way we power our aircraft, says Griffin. He believes that, by using “photovoltaic technologies, graphene batteries, piezoelectric fabrics and carbon nanotube fabrics,” aircraft will be able to generate their own energy rather than relying on fossil fuels or more traditional batteries.

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