APEX’s AvGeek Gift Guide

The APEX Media team has compiled a list of must-have products for AvGeeks and/or frequent flyers. The AvGeek Gift Guide includes items, listed in order of increasing price, that range from practical to trendy, including tech gadgets, works of art and a holiday sweater from an airline!

Beat Lips Headphone Pillow: $25.99

Beat Lips pillow

Image via Beat Lips

The Beat Lips headphone pillow, created by Leveling LLC, is designed with a gap in the middle and filled with enough microbeads to enable the speaker portion of a headphone to virtually float in the air, eliminating pressure on the ear and head. The microbeads also form to any user’s facial features and neck, providing complete support. Weighing less than 10oz and measuring about 13 inches long, Beat Lips may just turn out to be one of next year’s most talked-about travel products.

Airport Runway Prints by NOMO: $30-40

NOMO Runway Prints

Image via NOMO

To an AvGeek, airport runway design is a complex art, often dictated by local topography. Chicago-based creative studio NOMO has captured the unique shapes of airport runways in a series of prints featuring 60 airports across the world, from Amsterdam to Zurich.

ReboundTAG Microchip Luggage Tag: $31.99


Image via ReboundTAG

The ReboundTAG microchip luggage tag allows travelers to locate lost luggage by sending an SMS or email when the bag is found and the tag is scanned. ReboundTAG, which was showcased by Lufthansa at IATA’s Annual General Meeting, is designed to incorporate all of the main IATA standard bag tracking technologies: an RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip, an NFC (near field communication) microchip, a QR code, an ID number printed on the tag and integration with global baggage handling systems. 

KLM’s Holiday Sweater: €29.95

KLM Holiday Sweater

Image via KLM

KLM launched its first “KLM Christmas Jumper” on November 28, just ahead of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, which takes place annually on December 15. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to an AvGeek, the KLM-blue limited edition sweater will, no doubt, be considered plane gorgeous. Make an AvGeek feel warm and fuzzy this holiday season!

Vintage Plane Prints: $66.55

Vintage Plane Prints

Image via Etsy

These Wright Brothers airplane patent prints come in a set of six and are available to order through Etsy. Just the (w)right gift for that special wingman or wingwoman!

Very Plane Clothes ADL Leather iPad case: $195.00

Very Plane Clothes ipad case

Image via Very Plane Clothes

The ADL Leather iPad Case by Very Plane Clothes, which features a black and white image of a Boeing 777 taking off and a runway signage-inspired red and yellow zipper, is both sleek and handy. The designer of the collection, Laird Kay, names each product after an airport he’s flown through, and this one is a nod to Adelaide Airport.

QuietOn Active Noise Canceling Earplugs: €179.00

QuietOn earplugs

Image via QuietOn

QuietOn’s active noise canceling earplugs work by producing a sound that cancels out another sound, making airplane cabin noise seem like a faint hum. With 50 hours of battery life, the earplugs are ideal for frequent flyers who often need to work or sleep during flights. Because the device is optimized for low frequency sounds, high volume alarms can still be heard through the earplugs, so AvGeeks can get their quiet on and still respond in the case of an emergency.


Kristina is digital editor of APEX Media. Plane and simple.