West Entertainment Partners With Qloo for Jetset AI In-Flight Entertainment


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

West Entertainment’s partnership with Qloo, the AI platform that knows what’s hot and what’s not, offers airlines the chance to personalize their content offerings based on a robust algorithm.

Content service provider West Entertainment dubbed its new offering, Jetset AI, “the future of in-flight entertainment,” a statement that should not be dismissed as hyperbole. Thanks to a partnership with Qloo, a young tech company that counts Leonardo DiCaprio and Elton John as investors, the CSP can deliver data-driven intelligence around passenger preferences to airlines looking to bolster their content strategies.

That data comes courtesy of Qloo’s artificial intelligence, a digital brain bursting with knowledge acquired by combing through four billion individual opinions. The result: Qloo can predict consumers’ tastes in entertainment, dining, fashion, consumer products, travel and more. The platform respects privacy laws like GDPR because the data it analyzes is publicly available and anonymized.

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By harnessing this data, airlines will get a better understanding of their customers’ preferences and be able to present them with more personalized offers. Travelers are just as likely to find their new favorite film or book through Jetset AI as they are to plan their next trip thanks to the platform’s curated recommendations. Kate Groth, West Entertainment president, said that Qloo’s suggestions with regards to content can be out-of-the-box: “You can always expect a few surprises when taste matching involves millions of data points.” But the real value, she noted, lies in the brand alignment and partnership insights it delivers.

West Entertainment hopes that Jetset AI will empower airlines to pursue new revenue generating initiatives while increasing customer satisfaction. Groth encourages interested parties to connect with her company at FTE APEX Virtual Expo to see how collecting viewership data can accurately predict tastes: “Airlines are looking for cost-effective solutions that deliver stronger customer loyalty and new revenue opportunities.”