AERQ, ABOVE to Collaboratively Automate Media Content Supply Chain


Image via AERQ

Following discussions that began back in 2019, AERQ and ABOVE have announced a formalized partnership wherein they will work together to automate the media content supply chain for commercial aviation in the cloud. 

AERQ and ABOVE have come together to overhaul existing media content supply chain processes, which they believe are manual, time-consuming and cost-intensive. They claim the integration of their workflows will allow service level agreements of 24 hours for end-to-end content delivery to aircraft and reduce costs by up to ten times. 

Each party will focus on a different area of responsibility. ABOVE will focus on media file encoding, metadata generation, DRM protection and watermarking; while AERQ will develop automated, cloud-based system integration workflows to allow customers to quality check proper content management system integration using the cloud.

In addition to optimized workflows, the service is aiming to provide transparency of and control over the end-to-end media journey and its potential. As such, airline clients will be able to integrate their existing media and ancillary revenue partners, including content service providers.

The resulting service will become available to AERQ customers once the company enters the market with its digital solutions for aircraft cabins between the fourth quarter of 2023 and first quarter of 2024. It is already in conversations with potential customers. 

André Valera, ABOVE’s managing director, said, “What AERQ is proposing to the market is totally aligned with what we envision from a media distribution perspective, where standards are adopted and friction points removed. We look forward to contributing and to disrupting the in-flight entertainment and connectivity ecosystem.”

“Our innovative workflows will unlock both top- and bottom-line improvement potential for airlines through cost efficiencies and the ability to structure new digital products for passengers,” added Jonas von Kruechten, head of Strategy and Business Development at AERQ.