Flair Introduces Wireless IFE with Startup LiFE in the Air


Image via Flair Airlines

From May 25, passengers flying with ultra-low cost carrier Flair Airlines will have access to a new wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) offering provided by startup company LiFE in the Air. 

Canada-based Flair Airlines conducted test flights with LiFE in the Air’s wireless IFE solution in 2019 and went on to sign a commercial agreement with the company in 2020 that covers its entire fleet, which currently consists of three Boeing 737-800 aircraft but will soon include 13 737 MAX jets, the first of which is due for delivery this year. 

LiFE in the Air is compatible with both Astronics’ Sierra portable IFE solution and its new Edge Cabin Network platform, which recently received a supplemental type certificate from Transport Canada. Flair is currently using a combination of the two systems while Edge is rolled out across the fleet. 

Bayram Annakov, LiFE in the Air’s founder and CEO, believes it’s the solution’s revenue-sharing business model and the company’s “philosophy of monetization as a service, where we do our best to deliver a turnkey solution that drives revenue,” that makes it stand out from other wireless IFE systems. 

During its test flights with Flair, the company said it increased revenue per passenger by 30% simply by streamlining and modernizing the ordering process and cabin crew workflow associated with the carrier’s existing in-flight catering offering. LiFE in the Air’s proprietary technology, which can be integrated with different catering providers and passenger service systems, allows passengers to order food and beverages that are delivered to their seat. 

“The platform provides passengers with a digital equivalent to an in-flight magazine/product catalog that entertains, allowing Flair to become a marketplace,” Annakov explained. It supports numerous advertising opportunities editorial content, native advertising, augmented reality advertising and redeemable offers with partners like HelloFresh. 

Annakov continued, “For Flair Airlines, becoming a marketplace supports their overall brand proposition of promoting Canada and Canadian companies from the destinations they service. For instance, via LiFE in the Air, passengers can connect with Flair’s hyper-local distiller, Strathcona Spirits. They can buy products they enjoyed in-flight and have them shipped to their homes. The platform allows brands to tell their story in a much more comprehensive way than a traditional paper ad.”

LiFE in the Air is embedded within the FlyFlair app, and passengers will be notified of its availability via signage at the gate, at their seats and via announcements made by cabin crew. 

The company is also providing Eastern European Azimuth Airlines with wireless IFE, and has confirmed its solution will be tested by additional three European airlines in the coming months at no charge to the carriers. 

Those wanting to find out more about LiFE in the Air can communicate with the team at the FTE APEX Virtual Expo

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