Formia Presents The Clean Kit for Hygiene-Conscious Travelers


Image: Formia

In anticipation of passengers becoming more hygiene-conscious, Formia has unveiled solutions for an amenity kit that offers passengers peace of mind when they return to travel.

Formia has launched a collection of amenity kit products called The Clean Kit for hygiene-conscious travelers. Products include personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizers.

“We understand that airline passengers’ needs are changing. Our focus is to deliver relevant and timely solutions to support and protect their needs.” – Philipp Wendschuh, Formia

The essentials kit contains a flexible plastic (OPP) pouch, an EVA foam mask, sanitizing wipe packet and rubber gloves. Premium additions and options include a polyester, satin or drawstring pouch, a cotton or jersey mask and a sanitizing gel tube or spray. And for those who want to promote hygiene while keeping sustainability in mind, there is a washable kraft paper pouch option.

All of the products can be customized to airline branding. Formia’s sample products show the amenity kit pouch can double as a communication tool, with the possibility of printing tips on how to properly wear a mask or wash hands directly on the package. They’ve also suggested a separate kit tailored for kids.

Sanitizers can be also self-branded or co-branded with recognized beauty and skincare companies Payot, Acca Kappa, Institut Karité, Thann and Pure Altitude. Larger bottles (30 ml and 250 ml) of sanitizer for use in lavatories are also available.

Formia stresses that its products comply with international safety standards and regulations, supporting passengers’ health and hygiene throughout their journey. “We understand that airline passengers’ needs are changing, and with this, our focus is to deliver relevant and timely solutions to support and protect their needs,” said Philipp Wendschuh, Formia’s chief commercial officer.

In recent weeks, many airlines have required their cabin crew to wear face masks. And some – including JetBlue, Lufthansa and Wizz Air – have started to enforce the rule on passengers, requesting that masks cover the nose and mouth for the duration of the flight and also during check-in, boarding and deplaning. Some airlines have indicated that they will be handing out face masks to passengers.

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