APEX committees offer an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with developing and improving APEX member benefits. Participating on one of the below committees is an excellent way to utilize your skillset and to better the organization for all members.

Each APEX committee is comprised of industry volunteers with specialized expertise in each area of focus. To serve the best interests of the industry, APEX committee members represent airlines and vendor companies in different regions of the globe.

If you are a member and interested in volunteering for any APEX committee, please complete the online interest form by clicking here. Please also feel free to contact APEX staff directly or at  info@apex.aero

Awards Committee

This group establishes the Passenger Choice Awards and Official Airline Ratings as the “Oscars” for airlines. They are tasked with improving the use of awards as a marketing tool for APEX. Additionally, they recognize membership and industry leaders with APEX Awards and honorary awards.

  • Co-Chairs: Maura Chacko, Spafax; Esdra Lamy, Warner Bros.
  • Staff Liaison: Courtney Truelove

Content Market Committee

This committee works to maximize the value of the Content Market and promotes it as a must attend event. The committee also defines the marketplace, the involved stakeholders, and develops programs to serve those needs.

  • Co-Chairs: Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Delta Air Lines; Esdra Lamy, Warner Bros.; Zina Neophytou, BBC Studios
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Perry Cantarutti, Delta Air Lines
  • Members: Dominic Green, United Airlines; Maura Chacko, Spafax; Zina Neophytou, BBC Studios; Anton Vidgen, Riyadh Air
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

EXPO Committee

The EXPO Committee is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing an annual EXPO Program, including venues and social functions. The group assures that all APEX events are supportive of APEX strategic goals and objectives and are meeting the needs of members and the marketplace. They also work to improve airline participation in APEX events.

  • Chair: David Kondo, Austrian Airlines
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall counsel with the annual budget of the association and prepare recommendations for the Board of Directors. The budget shall be developed and monitored by the Finance Committee.

  • Chair: Zina Neophytou, BBC Studios 
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Governance Committee

This committee is set to broaden the membership of the association to represent those covering the airline passenger experience beyond “entertainment”. Additionally, they assure transparency to, and communication with, membership. New member applications are also reviewed and approved by the committee.

  • Chair: Maura Chacko, Spafax
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Marketing & Communications Committee

The objectives of the committee is to: deliver relevant, quality and timely industry news and information; develop APEX brand and property and safeguard usage; increase brand awareness to key industry influencers; and ensure editorial content and advertising is aligned with APEX mission and objectives.

  • Staff Liaisons: Robin Applebaum, Kim Chhabria, Angie Jaramillo

Membership Committee

This committee is tasked with broadening the membership of the association to encompass the full airline passenger experience. They are working to define the passenger experience marketplace, the involved stakeholders, and develop programs to serve those needs.

  • Staff Liaison: Mark McKenna

Nominating Committee

The committee is tasked with aligning the nominating process with the strategic plan, improving awareness of the benefits of Board service, and identifying potential candidates.

  • Chair: Anton Vidgen, Riyadh Air
  • Staff Liaison: Lauren Costello

Technology Committee

Developing cutting-edge education and industry best practices is key for this committee. The group serves the membership by creating a forum to share technical information and provide relevant industry knowledge.

  • Chair: Jonas von Kruechten, AERQ
  • Staff Liaison: Courtney Truelove

Thought Leadership Committee

The Thought Leadership Committee is tasked with developing the educational programs and services at the EXPO as well as at other APEX and partner events as identified. Programs will feature a wide variety of industry speakers, presentations, panels and forum discussions. These valuable educational programs and insights offered to members will foster the international exchange of ideas, new information, industry best practices and the latest market trends.

  • Staff Liaison: Courtney Truelove


The APEX Working Groups function as subcommittees of the Technology Committee, each one focusing in on a particular new technology or technical issue as identified by the committee. These working groups examine the potential impact of these technologies and issues on the passenger experience and develop recommendations, guidelines, technical specifications and other documents to address the challenges and opportunities presented.

Any APEX member with an interest in a particular technology may join and participate in a working group. Working groups conduct their work most often via telconference and web forums. Some in person meetings may be scheduled. The working group reports progress at Technology Conferences and other APEX events.

  • Ad Delivery (ADWG)
    • Objective: Develop specifications to encompasses broadcast and web technologies codified within the advertising industry’s latest standards and practices.
    • Chair: Andy Rosen, DSR Corporation
  • Connectivity Working Group (CWG)
    • Objective: Establish uniform measurements for the effectiveness of connectivity.
    • Co-Chairs: Dr. Stephan Schulte, Lufthansa Group; Mary Rogozinski, Independent Principal
  • 0415 Part 2 Working Group
    • Objective: Breakoff of 0415 Part 1 and to establish specifications for new content security.
    • Co-Chairs: Philip Watson, Panasonic Avionics Corporation; Juraj Siska, IdeaNova Technologies

If you are interested in participating, please email Courtney Truelove.