APEX TECH Unveils Quartet of Interactive Workshops: IFC Spotlight 


Photo (left to right): Content Management and IFEC Consultant Michael Childers; APEX TECH Chair Jonas von Krüchten; APEX/IFSA CEO Dr. Joe Leader; APEX/IFSA Director Lauren Costello; and APEX General Manager Courtney Truelove during the first planning meeting for APEX TECH 2024.

The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) has announced four dynamic workshops for its upcoming APEX TECH event from 28-29 February at the Los Angeles Airport Sheraton Gateway.

One of the four workshops will consist of three optional sessions that take a deep dive into in-flight connectivity (IFC), and has been created to evaluate how cutting-edge technologies will affect the IFC landscape for airlines as well as their impact on the passenger experience.

“In-flight connectivity is one of the central pillars on which innovation in the aircraft cabin depends. From improving safety to elevating customer service, generating revenues and connecting passengers with loved ones on the ground, it is a core component in the future of commercial flying,” commented APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader. “With the advent of LEO satellites alongside electronically steered and phased array antennas, we are at the precipice of a new dawn in IFC, one that as an association APEX wants to help shape for the maximum benefit of all.” 

How Do We Measure the Quality of Experience?

The first optional session within the IFC workshop, “How Do We Measure the Quality of Experience?” will encourage attendees to consider the most salient factors when it comes to quantifying the passengers’ user experience. 

The content of the session aims to imbue industry stakeholders with a detailed oversight of the potential impact that an airlines’ IFC offering has on a passenger, and the potential for increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction should the passenger have access to a uniform experience across the airlines’ fleet. 

APEX TECH Chairman Jonas von Krüchten said, “The inner-workings of an in-flight connectivity system may remain an enigma to both airlines and passengers, but understanding how a passenger interacts with an IFC service and the aspects that affect how the service is perceived should not be. This session aims to empower airlines with the knowledge to measure and assess their current and prospective connectivity offerings, a more active approach to which can result in happier customers, increased airline revenues and improved communications, as well as transparency between airlines and suppliers.”

IFC Technology: Relevance and Readiness of ESAs, SW Defined Modems, and More

The second optional session for attendees in the IFC workshop at APEX TECH, “IFC Technology: Relevance and Readiness of ESAs, SW Defined Modems, and More,” will dig into the intricacies of electronically steered antennas (ESAs) and software-defined modems, and their potential to transform IFC. 

It will provide airlines that are curious about adopting these pioneering technologies with an understanding as to their maturity levels, flexibility and scalability, as well as any barriers to entry. 

APEX Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Michael Childers explained, “New IFC technologies, with their promises of reduced weight and drag, dramatically improved speeds and minimized costs for airlines are an exciting prospect, but the road to their adoption is not without potential speedbumps. This session will demystify the capabilities and commercial readiness of ESAs and software-defined modems to provide airlines with realistic expectations about what can be achieved and when.”

Portal or Not: Different Angles on a Seamless Passenger IFC Journey

The third optional session in the IFC Deep Dive  workshop at APEX TECH, “Portal or Not: Different Angles on a Seamless Passenger IFC Journey,” will zoom in on whether airlines should be making the most of their captive audience with a customized portal through which passengers access the IFC service, or whether they should be allowed to roam free.

The discussion will center around the pros and cons of using portals and how they are perceived by passengers. Then, the session will go further, exploring new and alternative approaches to generating a branded and customized IFC user experience to airlines’ advantages.

“These sessions have been designed to encourage our delegates to think outside the box,” commented APEX General Manager Courtney Truelove. “At APEX, we truly believe the sky’s the limit when it comes to harnessing the benefits of IFC, and we are interested to hear how APEX TECH attendees think the industry can optimize the initial gateway to a passengers’ IFC experience.”

The First of Four Workshops at APEX TECH

The four APEX TECH workshops, including an IFC deep-dive, are scheduled to provide a platform for discussing various aspects of the airline industry. Each workshop in the series includes three session options, offering participants a range of topics to explore. The workshops are designed to present new insights and strategies relevant to airline operations and passenger experiences. 

As well as the “IFC Deep Dive” sessions, APEX TECH attendees will have the opportunity to delve into three more exciting workshops. The others will focus on ”Ancillary Revenue Use Cases,” “Content Delivery” and “Data.” 

Each workshop promises to offer participants cutting-edge insights and actionable strategies, which is central to APEX’s role as an association advancing the airline passenger experience industry.