Care Package: Immfly Steers Airlines Toward Increased IFE Engagement


Image: Immfly

Immfly’s approach to customer service embraces both physical and digital interactions.

When it comes to customer care, Immfly is taking inspiration from the automotive industry. “With Mercedes, you can opt for a Smart, a C-Class or an SL-Class. Each is a Mercedes product providing more or less features based on your needs. With Immfly Care, it’s the same,” co-founder Pablo Linz explains.

Immfly Care offers three tiers of service for airlines using Immfly’s in-flight entertainment (IFE) platform: Basic, Premium and Elite. While Basic customers qualify for straightforward maintenance, Elite customers have a dedicated team. And Premium offers something in between.

Customers in each tier benefit from quarterly, bimonthly or monthly “steering committees,” depending on their selected care package. These in-person consultations are a chance to review performance reports and come up with ways of increasing passenger engagement.

The resulting strategies are varied and customized. For example, last year Immfly worked with XL Airways to implement a Black Friday deal. For three weeks, the carrier offered a 50 percent discount on its premium in-flight entertainment content. The promotion resulted in a 139 percent increase in sales.

“Each of Mercedes’ Smart, C-Class or SL-Class is providing more or less features based on your needs. With Immfly Care, it’s the same.” – Pablo Linz, Immfly

More recently, Immfly has worked with XL Airways to create a mechanism that can identify VIP passengers and send them a voucher they can use to access premium in-flight entertainment content for free once they board their flight. Immfly Active, a new monitoring and content management portal announced at this year’s APEX EXPO, will allow airlines to see for themselves how these initiatives are working. The ability to upload different surveys on the platform means passengers will be able to provide direct feedback on their experience, too.

Linz believes the collaborative nature of Immfly Care “is what transforms client relationships into truly potent partnerships,” and with Immfly Active, it looks as though these partnerships are only set to get stronger.

Care Package was originally published in the 8.5 December/January issue of APEX Experience magazine.