[VIDEO] Jetweels Makes European Debut at World Aviation Festival


Jetweels at World Aviation Festival 2019
Pictured (left to right): Yatrice Saint Louis, executive director, Jetweels; Maryann Simson, director of APEX Media; and Ann Salmirs, director of Business Development, Jetweels. Image: Stephanie Taylor

At World Aviation Festival 2019, Jetweels showcased its non-metallic transport chair in Europe for the first time.

The product was created for Jetweels’ sister company PAX Assist, which caters to wheelchair users in airports. Two hundred of its non-metallic transport chairs are currently being used by PAX Assist as part of a trial at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

By developing a chair that can go through the metal detectors at security without travelers having to move from the seat,  Jetweels has reduced the TSA’s processing time for passengers in wheelchairs, improving their experience and allowing PAX Assist to deal with more customers, said the company’s director of Business Development, Ann Salmirs.

In this video interview, Salmirs and Jetweels’ executive director, Yatrice Saint Louis, explain to director of APEX Media Maryann Simson how and why the product came to be and why it’s so unique.

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