How are the airlines assessed?

APEX and SimpliFlying selected 58 touchpoints across the passenger journey from the “Rise of Sanitised Travel” report which has formed the basis of the ultimate recommendations by major airlines and organizations like IATA and ICAO. These touchpoints are divided into 10 categories and weight-based on the importance to the passengers. The weights and touchpoints are reviewed quarterly by Board members consisting of medical experts and passenger experience executives from airlines. 

Audited airlines need to submit proof for each measure they claim they are undertaking, including pictures, videos or logs. This evidence is verified by the SimpliFlying team, which then awards the airline a FLyQ score.

Airlines scoring at least 200 FlyQ points attain the Gold Standard – for meeting a high bar for health safety. Airlines with 300 FlyQ points and above are awarded the Platinum status, for going above and beyond in their health safety measures. Airlines that attain over 400 FlyQ points are awarded the Diamond status, for providing hospital-grade health safety for passengers.

What is the goal of the Health Safety program?

The vision is simple: To help re-build trust in air travel by raising the bar when it comes to health and safety measures being taken. We aim to become the JDPower or NPS of this decade in air travel.

Therefore, the goal is to certify 100 airlines globally in each of the six continents before the end of the year by creating the most relevant standard that helps build trust in the ecosystem.

Why have APEX and SimpliFlying partnered for this program?

APEX’s global standing as an aviation non-profit, partnered with SimpliFlying’s deep expertise in COVID-19 measures together provides the needed expertise to keep pushing the envelope on the passenger experience.

Why a standard and not a ranking?

Health and safety should not be a way for airlines to compete with one another. There needs to be a gold standard that all airlines should meet to ensure passengers can trust the mode of transport. This is what the APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying delivers, in a quantitative manner.