Lifetime Achievement Award

APEX is proud to honor industry leaders who have dedicated their lives to the enhancement of the passenger experience and drove transformative change for the industry.  The Lifetime Achievement Award shall be presented to a senior level executive from an APEX member company whose long-term efforts, dedication, and sustained commitment in support of elevating airline passenger experience and/or APEX have, in the opinion of the APEX Board of Directors, clearly established that individual’s career as a lifetime industry achievement. Any person nominated for this honor must receive a 3/4 majority vote from the APEX Board of Directors present at a duly recognized board meeting. Any person nominated must be supported by representatives of four different member companies in good standing. 

Outstanding Contribution Award

Each year, the APEX Board of Directors may select an individual(s) whose contributions, innovations, or leadership have generated a significant and fundamental improvement to the nature of airline passenger experience. Any person proposed for this honor must receive a simple-majority vote from the board of directors at a duly recognized board meeting. Any person nominated must be supported by one member company in good standing. 

Newcomer Award

The Newcomer of the Year Award is for a product or service created by a new member company (that joined APEX within the last two years). This award is designed to recognize a specific achievement which an airline has successfully used and implemented this past year. Achievements might be a new app, catering system, or marketing driven product. To qualify for this award the achievement must be of direct benefit to the passenger and/or airline, innovative, the technology or logistics should be useable again (sustainable). It should be of considerable additional merit if the achievement is also of benefit or improvement for the whole industry.

Honorary Awards Recipients