APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying sets the industry standard for customer-centric COVID-19 certification. While all global airlines remain safe to fly based upon governmental review and COVID-19 requirements, this program provides a scientifically based validation designed to encourage airlines to reach beyond governmental requirements to a higher standard. 

The Health Safety Standard is designed to:

  • Give airlines a proactive role in resumption of global travel
  • Create a common standard of health safety for passengers
  • Highlight successful industry practices

A 58-point checklist covers ten airline categories for submission verification, validation, and quarterly review certification process.  Without charge, airlines may click here to review this checklist and participate.

After the completion of the initial audit with proof points, a step-by-step verification process occurs with airlines followed by standard level notification. Approximately one-third of all airlines that have participated thus far have further enhanced their customer health safety standards after the initial review.

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For media inquiries, please contact: Robin Applebaum, APEX Director of Marketing & Communications, rapplebaum@apex.aero


Launched airlines joining APEX Health Safety standard

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