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Five Star & Four Star Logos

Five Star Global
Five Star Major
Five Star Regional

Four Star Global
Four Star Major
Four Star Regional
Four Star Low Cost Carrier

APEX World Class Logos

World Class

APEX Best Global & Best Regional Logos


Global: Best Cabin Service
Global: Best Entertainment
Global: Best Food & Beverage
Global: Best Seat Comfort
Global: Best Wi-Fi


Regional-Africa: Best Overall Airline
Regional-Africa: Best Entertainment
Regional-Africa: Best Cabin Service
Regional-Africa: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-Africa: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-Africa: Best Seat Comfort


Regional-Central/Southern Asia: Best Overall Airline
Regional-Central/Southern Asia: Best Entertainment
Regional-Central/Southern Asia: Best Cabin Service
Regional-Central/Southern Asia: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-Central/Southern Asia: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-Central/Southern Asia: Best Seat Comfort

Regional-Eastern Asia: Best Overall Airline
Regional-Eastern Asia: Best Entertainment
Regional-Eastern Asia: Best Cabin Service
Regional-Eastern Asia: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-Eastern Asia: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-Eastern Asia: Best Seat Comfort

Regional-Greater China: Best APEX World Class Airline in Greater China
Regional-Greater China: Best Overall Airline
Regional-Greater China: Best Entertainment
Regional-Greater China: Best Cabin Service
Regional-Greater China: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-Greater China: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-Greater China: Best Seat Comfort

Regional-South Pacific: Best Overall Airline
Regional-South Pacific: Best Entertainment
Regional-South Pacific: Best Cabin Service
Regional-South Pacific: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-South Pacific: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-South Pacific: Best Seat Comfort


Regional-Europe: Best Overall Airline
Regional-Europe: Best Entertainment
Regional-Europe: Best Cabin Service
Regional-Europe: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-Europe: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-Europe: Best Seat Comfort


Regional-Middle East: Best Overall Airline
Regional-Middle East: Best Entertainment
Regional-Middle East: Best Cabin Service
Regional-Middle East: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-Middle East: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-Middle East: Best Seat Comfort


Regional-North America: Best Overall Airline
Regional-North America: Best Entertainment
Regional-North America: Best Cabin Service
Regional-North America: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-North America: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-North America: Best Seat Comfort
Regional-North America: Best Low Cost Carrier
Regional-North America: Best Major Airline
Regional-North America: Best Regional Airline


Regional-South America: Best Overall Airline
Regional-South America: Best Entertainment
Regional-South America: Best Cabin Service
Regional-South America: Best Wi-Fi
Regional-South America: Best Food & Beverage
Regional-South America: Best Seat Comfort


Americas: Best Global Airline

APEX / IFSA Award Logos

APEX Awards
Innovation: Best Inflight Connectivity
Innovation: Best Inflight Entertainment

Innovation: Best Cabin

IFSA Awards
Best Inflight Food/Beverage
Best Onboard Amenity

Press Release Language

If you are planning to produce a press release, below please find approved language regarding the award:

  • APEX Five Star & APEX Four Star
    • The APEX Five Star and Four Star Airline Awards, formerly APEX Official Airline Ratings™, were created based on neutral, third-party passenger feedback and insights gathered through APEX’s partnership with TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app. For the 2024 Awards, nearly one million flights were rated by passengers across more than 600 airlines from around the world using a five-star scale. The APEX Five Star and Four Star Airline Awards are independently certified by a professional external auditing company.
  • APEX Best
    • APEX once again partnered with TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, to gather anonymous passenger feedback based on neutral, third-party passenger feedback and insights for the honor. For the 2024 Awards, nearly one million flights were rated by passengers across more than 600 airlines from around the world using a five-star scale. On the same screen, passengers were given the opportunity to provide anonymous ratings in five subcategories: seat comfort, cabin service, food and beverage (presented in conjunction with IFSA), entertainment, and Wi-Fi. The single screen rating allows airline passengers to easily rate their flight in less than 15 seconds.
  • APEX & APEX/IFSA Awards
    • APEX & IFSA proudly honor the most innovative approaches to business in passenger experience from our member airlines and vendors. We recognize these organizations who have shown exemplary dedication and innovation to advancing the passenger experience. Industry and media judging panels determine winners. 

Click here for TripIt Collateral.

Official Airline Ratings™ Logos

Passenger Choice Awards® Logos

Categories Include: Best Seat Comfort, Best Cabin Service, Best Entertainment, Best Food & Beverage and Best Wi-Fi

Regional Passenger Choice Awards® Logos

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