[VIDEO] Volantio Explains its Solution for Overbooked Flights

[VIDEO] Volantio Explains Its Solution for Overbooked Flights

Volantio’s Yana platform allows airlines to better deal with oversold flights by incentivizing passengers to switch journeys ahead of time using personalized offers. The company has grown quickly following its participation in IAG’s Hangar 51 accelerator program, with IAG, JetBlue Technology Ventures… Read more

Ben Griffin talking to Maryann SImson about OneWeb at World Aviation Festival 2019

[Video] Ben Griffin Discusses Next Steps for OneWeb

OneWeb is looking to disrupt the in-flight connectivity space with the introduction of its new low-earth orbit satellite (LEO) constellation, but what’s different about LEO compared to what’s already on the market? What kind of partners will OneWeb work with… Read more