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FlightPath3D: More than Moving Maps

At Aircraft Interiors Expo last week in Hamburg, we met with Boris Veksler, president of Betria Interactive LLC, who filled us in on the latest from FlightPath3D and walked us through some of the most popular features on their fully interactive platforms. “Ultimately what… Read more


The Future of In-Flight Content

The mid-afternoon breakout session “The Future for Content and New Realities,” led by Rich Salter, chief technology officer, Lumexis, brought together experts from the in-flight entertainment (IFE) sector to discuss the future. Early-Window Content The panel started off with the hot… Read more

Airlines Get Comfortable with the Cloud

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. has partnered with leading cloud mobile marketing platform, Waterfall, to help advertisers run mobile customer engagement campaigns on GEE’s AIRtime platform. Waterfall’s cloud mobile marketing platform uses a combination of  mobile engagement solutions and customer relationship management… Read more

More TV Trivia and Tidbits

Didn’t get enough TV trivia from our “Around the World in 43 Episodes” article in The Education Issue? We’ve got bonus  trivia and factoids to satisfy your TV-loving soul. Parks and Recreation (2009- ) Number of Seasons: 6 Number of Episodes:… Read more

APEX in Profile: Christelle Cuenca

Christelle Cuenca Vice-president, Content Programming & Acquisitions Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. Cuenca started her career in IFE in 2000 at DMX and joined Post Modern Group in 2007 to launch AMP International, acquired by GEE in 2013. During her 15… Read more

Listen Up: The Story Behind Bose Headphones

In The Architecture Issue author Jordan Yerman looks at the high-tech advances in headphones, but the history behind these advances is interesting too.  In 1978, professor and electrical engineer Amar Bose was so disatisfied by the headphones supplied during his… Read more

Safety First: Progress Made In Testing of Seat-Embedded IFE

Aviation makes safety the priority through investigation, regulation, and testing. “The accident fatality rate for jet airplanes has fallen dramatically during the last 50 part [due] to..use [of] information gained from accidents to develop safer, more survivable airplanes.”— Boeing Derrick Pruitt,… Read more