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More TV Trivia and Tidbits

Didn’t get enough TV trivia from our “Around the World in 43 Episodes” article in The Education Issue? We’ve got bonus  trivia and factoids to satisfy your TV-loving soul. Parks and Recreation (2009- ) Number of Seasons: 6 Number of Episodes:… Read more

APEX in Profile: Christelle Cuenca

Christelle Cuenca Vice-president, Content Programming & Acquisitions Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. Cuenca started her career in IFE in 2000 at DMX and joined Post Modern Group in 2007 to launch AMP International, acquired by GEE in 2013. During her 15… Read more

Listen Up: The Story Behind Bose Headphones

In The Architecture Issue author Jordan Yerman looks at the high-tech advances in headphones, but the history behind these advances is interesting too.  In 1978, professor and electrical engineer Amar Bose was so disatisfied by the headphones supplied during his… Read more

Safety First: Progress Made In Testing of Seat-Embedded IFE

Aviation makes safety the priority through investigation, regulation, and testing. “The accident fatality rate for jet airplanes has fallen dramatically during the last 50 part [due] to..use [of] information gained from accidents to develop safer, more survivable airplanes.”— Boeing Derrick Pruitt,… Read more

APEX in Profile: Brian Richardson

Brian Richardson Director of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity American Airlines Where do you see the entertainment industry headed in one year? Things will continue to move fast. I expect there to be an increased proliferation of content, including improved quality… Read more

APEX in Profile: Boris Veksler

Boris Veksler President Betria Interactive, LCC Boris has over 20 years of experience developing technologies and applications used by millions of people in the Internet, mobile and in-flight entertainment (IFE) industries. His recently launched flagship product, FlightPath3D, is considered the… Read more

Reading Rights: Digital VS. Print

As connectivity becomes the norm on airlines and access to the outside world begins to erode the captive onboard audience, what will become of the humble in-flight magazine? According to a Deloitte report on the future of in-flight entertainment, the… Read more

APEX ASIA: Concepts Around Connectivity and Wi-Fi Streaming

Eddie Hsieh, Panasonic; Terry Revnak, Gogo; Jags Burhm, Global Eagle Entertainment Two sessions focused on connectivity at the APEX Asia Regional Conference: “Wi-Fi Streaming: Who, What, When” and “Connectivity Solutions Tailored for the Region.” When asked about major misconceptions on connectivity… Read more