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Brand Anew: Etihad Built Its Logo in the Sand

APEX Insight: Every airline logo tells a story. Deciphering its narrative is key to relaunching the brand. In this section of the multipart feature, we look at how Abu Dhabi’s sand dunes serve as inspiration for Etihad Airways’ luxurious Arabian… Read more

Maho Beach, St. Maarten: A Planespotter’s Paradise

APEX Insight: The second annual SXM Festival kicks off today in St. Maarten, bringing thousands of electronic music aficionados to the tiny Caribbean country, which has long been the dream vacation destination of aviation photographers and amateur planespotters alike. Maho… Read more

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When Birds Fly: The Role Airlines Play in Falconry

APEX Insight: When a photo of several dozen falcons on an airplane went viral last week, it called attention to falconry and airlines’ role in transporting the birds of prey. Lufthansa has even patented a bird stand called the Falcon Master, which it says… Read more

Startup Mentality Opens Door to Airport of the Future

 APEX Insight: The tech startup mentality is catching on in the aviation industry, surfacing in airports’ efforts to streamline the passenger experience. Airports seek to make themselves attractive to passengers, and the businesses that serve them, by inventing new ways of effectively managing frenetic… Read more