The Weekly Wrap with APEX: July 31, 2020

This episode of The Weekly Wrap with APEX sees hosts Seth Miller and Stephanie Taylor chat to Matthew Nicholls, sales director of Tapis Corporation, about the new seating concept his company developed together with Molon Labe and Simona Boltaron to ensure safe, hygienic air travel for economy class passengers in the years to come.

Also discussed is how airlines and ancillary revenue providers are adapting to the current climate by offering new paid-for seat-blocking solutions, from GoAir’s GoFlyPrivate product to Plusgrade’s Dynamic Seat Blocker.

Finally, the episode walks through the unique features of the beautiful new cabin interior on board Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo vehicles, and provides an update on the FLYWELL IN.bowl concept.

See below for a rundown of the topics discussed in this episode:

(0:30) To block or not to block? The airline seating debate
1:10) GoAir’s GoFlyPrivate product offering
2:30) Plusgrade’s Dynamic Seat Blocker solution
4:19) A new seating concept created by Tapis Corporation, Molon Labe & Simona Boltaron
(5:20) Interview with Matthew Nicholls, sales director, Tapis Corporation
12:30) The unveiling of the cabin interior for Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo vehicles
16:10) The FLYWELL IN.bowl, for healthy and sustainable in-flight meals
18:01) JetBlue signs up to test Honeywell’s UVC Cabin Unit

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